Terres Rouges Lodge, Labansiek, Ratanakiri, Cambodia

About us

Chenda Clais
Chief Chenda

A Daughter of Phnom Penh, fluent in three languages and highly efficient, Chenda is the true Lider Maximo of Terres Rouges.

Pierre-Yves Clais
"Davy Crockett"

“Davy Crockett” first arrived in Cambodia in 1992 as a paratrooper. A travel writer for more than twelve years, he conceives the trips offered by Terres Rouges and looks after various hotel developments. Mean, brutal and cynical, you don’t want to cross his path…

Nos Guides
Our guides

Young, lean and hard as stone, our Cambodian guides can face all situations of a life made of wild surprises.