Test Terres Rouges Lodge, Labansiek, Ratanakiri, Cambodia



We have been « classical tourism professionals » since 1999 operating in the jungles of North-East Cambodia and were by no means supposed to become elephant owners. In the old days every Ratanakiri tribe had its own elephants and the forests were so full of them that Vietnamese, Lao and Thai people came to capture them in Cambodia !

Yet with time passing Ratanakiri province started to loose its elephants who were sent to Siem Reap because the fast destruction of their native forest was putting them out of work.

An exceptional heritage was on the verge of immediate extinction, the elephants of course but also all the knowledge passed on from generation to generation by families of elephant hunters and mahouts. For example, 80% of the inhabitants of Seda village next to Lumphat were in the elephant trade, they were the province’s specialists. One elephant was worth forty buffaloes !

That’s the reason why we decided to buy the very last remaining animals, Ratanakiriri could not be stripped of one of its most prestigious symbols ! We are therefore very proud and happy to introduce you to the very last elephants of the province, Ikeo and her boyfriend Bokva. You will get to know these animals by learning their history, behavior and body language. Your visit to our farm contributes to preserving a whole world of traditions !

One day Mahout training program

(145$­­­­­­­­/person, transport & lunch included, 115$­­­­ for guest staying at Terres Rouges Lodge (for groups of minimu 3 people), 40% off for children below 12 years of age.)

– Arrival at the site
– Introduction to the team and the elephants
– Presentation of the Asian Elephant as a species and of the problems faced by Cambodian elephants.
– We leave by foot or on elephant’s back to wash the elephants in the stream.
– We learn the basic riding commands
– First short attempt at riding the elephants
– Lunch

– Long ride in the forest (about 2H30) to master the commands we learnt in the morning

– Back to the camp and the stream
– We wash the elephants
– We feed them their favorite foods and treats to reward them (mostly sugar cane and bananas).
– Back to the hotel

We also offer shorter programs :

1 hour Elephant Ride
20$­­­­­­­­ / person (transportation not included)
1hour elephant feeding and bathing
20$­­­­­­­­ / person (transportation not included)